SET OF 3: AAV FAMILY Hand Decorated Large Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments

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This set includes 4 large (100MM) Hand Decorated USMC Themed Christmas Balls.    (they are the size of a small grapefruit. :) ) 

There are 20 sets available in the colors below.   If more than 20 are sold, more sets will be made but the colors of the balls and graphic color may vary from the photos.  If that does happen, don't worry, they will still look great and have wonderful contrast.      

You will get:
1 - Red Metallic Ornament with a YAT YAS graphic  

1 - Silver Metallic Ornament with an AAV Graphic

1- Blue Metallic Ornament with an Amtrac Mafia Graphic

These ornaments are not part of a pre-sale. The ornaments will ship NOW and the shirts will ship when the pre-sales end.  

100% of the proceeds for this item will go to the person who created them to help her pay for Cosmetology School.   She was my son's first ever girlfriend, and we simply adore her and hope that we can help her out a little.