The Few. The Proud. The MISPRINTS. :) $7.90 each, no matter style or size.

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Here are the shirts that were the reason The Few. The Proud. The Moms. shirts were delayed for over two weeks.  Every shirt was printed before the error was caught.   The issue was with the black gradient/

The design should have been more along the grayscale side, but for some reason, the screens didn't print correctly, and sadly, it wasn't caught.  This particular shirt that is offered for $7.90 has much more white in the emblem than it should have had.     Unless you KNOW that it's supposed to look differently, you may not notice...but I knew how it was supposed to look and I couldn't send this out as a shirt that people paid $21.90 for in good conscious.   

I've sold dozens and dozens of the misprints and with people knowing that they are misprints, I've not had a single complaint.   If you didn't know what you were looking at, honestly, you may not even notice.   Here is a side by side of one of the $7.90 misprints and one of the $21.90 regular prints.  

Thanks for looking!!